Meghann Atina


Local Whitehorse, Yukon, artist Meghann Atina Meadowcroft, has been living and creating in the Yukon since 2010. She’s inspired by the Yukon's scenic landscapes, northern trees, mountains and colourful night skies. Local surroundings can be seen in the creation of impressionist like landscapes, as shown through the blending of thick applications of acrylic paints on my canvases. Her preferred medium is acrylic, but she loves learning, teaching, and discovering with different mediums.


Locally, Meghann Atina has shown art in cafés and businesses, like Bake Café and Chilkoot Chiropractic Clinic. Since 2015, She’s been a member of the Yukon Craft Fair Society and has participated in other craft venues (Spruce Bog, Haunts and Holly, Christ the King Craft Fair, Kwanlin Dunn Cultural Centre Craft Fair etc.). In 2017, she was selected to work collaboratively with 13 other Yukon artists for Taking it Global’s national #Wish150 art piece, which was installed at the Yukon Arts Centre. More recently, in December 2020, she was accepted into Yukon Arts Centre’s Yukon Emerging Artist Program, supported by RBC Foundation, a mentorship program working under Emma Barr.  She has recently become a member of Arts Underground’s Yukon Art Society, and has since showcased a painting in the members show Stoke December 2020. She also actively teaches art for community members and youth, in communities like Old Crow, Carmacks, and Teslin, through recreational programming and education, and I hope to continue this initiative.


Meghann Atina’s art is a passion that extends into her full-time work, as a high school art teacher, working for the Yukon Government’s Department of Education. Art helps keep her connected to her community, and she hopes to continue to inspire and be inspired.

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